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Facebook Groups:

In addition to our own pages, Sol has lots of groups on Facebook too ...

Sol-21 Facebook Page


For our Sol-21 members ...

Starfleet, Sol Sector Command


The public page of Sol Sector that anybody can join regardless of their membership to Sol Sector or not.

Starfleet, Sol Sector Operations


Member only page. The central hub where all the chapters go (regardless of Zone) to share goings on, request launch status and begin their adventures! This is the place where we share the Fleet's activities and get club business announced.

Engineering and Technology Division, Starfleet Sol Sector Command


This is the Engineering and Technology Division page for the Starfleet Sol Sector Command Star Trek Fan Club. This page handles all of the discussion pertaining to starship design, propulsion, construction and so on.

Starfleet Sol Sector Command, Medical Services Division


This is the home facebook page of Starfleet, Sol Sector Command's Medical Services Division. All things Star Trek inspired medical and biologic are found here as are their fans! Break out those dermal re-generators and anabolic protoplasers!

Science and Research Division, Starfleet Sol Sector Command


We envision a fleet of Scientific Vessels exploring the galaxy who report to Starfleet, but operate autonomously, where each scientific ship reports directly to the Science and Research Division. The Director of this department shall serve at no less than the rank of Rear Admiral and will employ an assistant director with the minimum rank of Captain. The Director may employ as many members to the cabinet as he/she deems necessary.

Federation Security Forces, Sol Sector Command


This is the home page for our Security Forces folk who enjoy the part of the Fleet that is seen in Trek-verse as handling business on away teams.

Fleet Quartermaster, A division of Starfleet Sol Sector Command


The Fleet Quartermaster is now prepared and fully stocked to prepare YOU! This is a place for our extended Trek family to trade goods, services, memorabilia, uniforms, pins, patches and whatever other Trek related goods you can imagine!

More links will be added shortly ...

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